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Check out some before and after pictures. They will help you see what hairstyle will look good in your pet.




Toy Poodle – Llli

Toy poodles are so cute. This is the short poodle cut you will find in the hairstyle menu page. With clean face and clean feet.


English Cocker Spaniel – Sadie

English Cocker spaniels are beautiful dogs . The after picture above shows what a Cocker ear should look like. Sadie received the short and long lasting cut from the hairstyle menu page, with Cocker ears. She was very happy after the groom with a lot less hair, feeling much cooler.

Shih-Tzu – Madie

Madie is a beautiful girl, she has the teddy bear cut with a not so short body length.

Maltese – Sammy

Sammy had a skirt cut like a Westie body, and a traditional Maltese topknot. Doesn't he look handsome?

Bichon Frise – Max

Max is a gorgeous Bichon. He did not get the round head as many Bichons get, he got the triangular head, which is also very nice looking.

Shih-Tzu – Heather

Heather had the show Shih-Tzu cut, she is still young, her hair will get longer and fuller as she grows up.

Old English Sheepdog – Ralph

Ralph had a complete shave down, He was matted and his parents wanted him really short. They were advised to use sun screen on Ralph if he stayed outside.

Poodle – Jule

Julie had the short poodle cut with clean face and clean feet. She looks like a different dog.

Maltese – Jack

Jack got the teddy bear cut. Not too short but enough to stay looking good for 6 to 8 weeks.

Lab Mix – Cholo

Cholo was very hot and got a complete shave down. He looks just like a short hair dog after his haircut. So handsome.

Cockapoo – Maggie

Maggie got the puppy cut. She looks great with her red bows on.

Terrier-Poodle Mix       – Jazz

Jazz is a great looking girl, she got the short and long lasting cut that should last her all summer as her hair does not grow very fast.

Yorkie – Bailey

Another summer Yorkie cut. Bailey looks so much better, and I am sure feels better too.

Shih-Tzu – Weenie

Weenie got the Teddy Bear Cut. It is a short summer version of the teddy bear with short legs as well. This cut will remain looking good for at least 6 to 8 weeks.

Shepard Mix – Zoey

Zoey got a sanitary clip and her leg feather scissored for a natural, yet shorter look. She is a great girl.

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