What are the advantages of Pampered Pets

On Wheels Mobile Dog Grooming?

  1. Mobile grooming in general is better for the dog as it avoids prolonged waits in cages

  2. No contact with other dogs that might have infections, and pass it on to the dogs around them at a salon. Mobile grooming will care for your pet only for the length of the appointment.

  3. With faster grooming and return to their home your pet feels safe and less stressed.

  4. Pampered Pets On Wheels is fully equipped with all that a salon provides, so grooming is of high quality.

  5. Convenience is a big plus, no need to drive anywhere or wonder if your dog is just sitting and waiting.

  6. The prices are comparable with a salon prices.

Do you use my water and power supply?

No, we have our own water supply on-board.  Yes, we do require a power outlet to plug in most of our units but in the case that's not possible we will need to know in advance so we may send out a unit with a generator.  The use of a generator may have an additional surcharge.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash or Card are accepted, but NO checks.

How long does it take for a dog or cat to be groomed?

It depends on the size and breed of the dog or cat. The haircut of choice also can make the appointment longer or shorter. However, as your pet will be groomed from beginning to end by the same groomer without any interruptions, it varies from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

How far in advance should I call

to book an appointment?

Same day appointments are not easy to come by, but they do happen in occasion due to last minute cancellations. Most of the time an appointment will be scheduled for the same week or the week after. The best option for customers is to make an appointment in advance by the end of a grooming session. Generally 6 to 8 weeks between grooms maintain the dogs coat and skin in great shape.

Why did you opt for a grooming trailer

and not a grooming van?

The trailer is more spacious inside than a van due to the location of wheels and all other parts of a motor vehicle. The trailer has more space for all the equipment I need. Check out pictures of the trailer here on our website to see how large the trailer is inside.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

Please give us as much notice as you can. We need time to fill the time slot so we can have a smooth day. 24 hours notice is very much appreciated.

Isn't it hot in the trailer?

The trailer is insulated and equipped with air conditioner, the temperature inside is as nice as in a shop or house.

Do you bathe my pet with cold water?

No, warm water is used all year round, no matter how hot it is out. The trailer is temperature controlled for our comfort, so water needs to be warm.

My pet has a skin condition,

do you have medicated shampoo?

Yes. An organic soap free medicated shampoo is available upon request for an extra fee of $5.00

I have 5 dogs, can they all be groomed the same day?

Yes, they can. They will all look great and will not spend all day at a salon. The groomer will take 2 dogs in at a time and when one is ready he/she can return home and wait comfortably while their bothers or sisters are being groomed. Isn't it much better than sitting in a cage all day?

Do I have to be home when you

come to groom my dog(s)?

For the first appointment you have to be home, that way the groomer can discuss the haircut, the skin condition and any health issues the groomer should be aware of. After the first appointment, future appointments can be scheduled and a key can be left at a pre-designated location so the groomer can get to your dog. Payment in cash must be left inside by the front door. When you return home your baby will be clean and looking good.

Quality Dog Grooming at Your Doorstep!

Find some answers to frequently asked questions that might help you in your decision to opt for mobile grooming. Please feel free to call with any question you might have, and maybe your question will be added to the list below.




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