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With experience came the knowledge that mobile service is more comfortable and safer for the pets we care for. With one-on-one attention, the groom is a much quicker process, less stressful, as well as more convenient for the pet owner. Let's not forget that with no other dogs present, there is a much lesser risk of cross-contamination of viruses and parasites.

We pride ourselves in offering great service to the pets and their owners. Great communication is the key for a great hair cut, happy pet, and happy human customer.

Please feel free to call and ask any questions you might have regarding our services and prices. A general estimate of prices is available under services.

The Groom

Grooming can range from a basic package to a full service groom. All products used are natural, soap free, high quality shampoos and conditioners. A high efficiency bathing system provides outstanding cleaning of coat and skin.Your beloved pet will not suffer from irritated skin caused by harsh chemicals.

Available Services:

  1. Baths

  2. Nail Trim & Grinding

  3. Nail Polish

  4. All Breed Standard Haircuts (show ring quality)

  5. Personalized Haircuts

  6. Breed Standard Topknots, Braids, etc.

  7. Tooth Brushing

  8. De-Shedding Treatment with Furminator Brand Product

  9. Ear Cleaning

  10. Ear Hair Removal

  11. Re-Moisturizer Treatment for Dry Hair and/or Skin

  12. Anal Glands Expressed

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